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United States Capitol medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: United States Capitol

Kim Hoffman (@kimhoffman87) Instagram Profile Photo kimhoffman87

Kim Hoffman


Instagram Image by Kim Hoffman (@kimhoffman87) with caption : "Luckily Michigan played last night." at United States Capitol - 1737966187433477793
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Luckily Michigan played last night.

Caroline Møller Jensen (@caroline_mj) Instagram Profile Photo caroline_mj

Caroline Møller Jensen


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Postkort fra hovedstaden

Stacy Sepulveda🌙♐️🔮 (@stayclynn25) Instagram Profile Photo stayclynn25

Stacy Sepulveda🌙♐️🔮


Instagram Image by Stacy Sepulveda🌙♐️🔮 (@stayclynn25) with caption : "Epic fail 😂 #washingtondc #touristythings #capitalhill" at United States Capitol - 1737961153471886788
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Alexey Dubrovin (@alexey.dubrovin) Instagram Profile Photo alexey.dubrovin

Alexey Dubrovin

Alexey Dubrovin (@alexey.dubrovin) shared  Image at United States Capitol on Instagram - 1737960998366566637
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Carrie Ryan Nielsen (@sweetcarrieann19) Instagram Profile Photo sweetcarrieann19

Carrie Ryan Nielsen

Instagram Image by Carrie Ryan Nielsen (@sweetcarrieann19) with caption : "Cheer Nation #dc2018" at United States Capitol - 1737960851396576147
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Cheer Nation

Yoko Kumamoto (@yokokumamoto) Instagram Profile Photo yokokumamoto

Yoko Kumamoto

Yoko Kumamoto (@yokokumamoto) shared  Image at United States Capitol on Instagram - 1737960554415565263
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Heno Sahakyan (@hensahakyan) Instagram Profile Photo hensahakyan

Heno Sahakyan

Heno Sahakyan (@hensahakyan) shared  Image at United States Capitol on Instagram - 1737958624029103309
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Senator Chris Van Hollen (@chrisvanhollen) Instagram Profile Photo chrisvanhollen

Senator Chris Van Hollen

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To the students in Maryland and across the country—I have a simple message for you: know your power. You are not only the future—you are the conscience of America and you can change the direction of our nation. No student should go to class fearing that they will be slaughtered. No individual should be afraid to attend a concert or place of worship or movie theater or nightclub because they might be gunned down. No person should live in danger of being shot down in the streets of their neighborhood. I know many of you are asking the question: what do we do next? Reach out to your fellow students in every school district in the country and make sure they hold their Members of Congress accountable. Work to make sure that every Member of Congress—regardless of their political stripe—is more worried about the next school massacre than they are of the NRA and the gun lobby. Make sure people know the NRA leadership lies to its own members to pad the paychecks of their D.C. executives and lobbyists. The gun lobby is counting on your giving up and going away, so you must show them that you are in this fight for the long haul. You must show them that you are not going to stop until we enact common-sense measures to stop the massacres and end the daily bloodshed from gun violence. Enough is enough.