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Darling In The Franxx (@hiro.official16) Instagram Profile Photo hiro.official16

Darling In The Franxx

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İ Want To Go To Japan! 🤩 Artist🖌: ?? . . . 💙 Follow @anime_land7 For More! 💙 . . . . . . . ❌ İgnore The Tags ❌ #anime

I'm a boy/Meme lord (@someone_uk) Instagram Profile Photo someone_uk

I'm a boy/Meme lord

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fish flirt

Anthony Andujar Jr ART (@antdujar94) Instagram Profile Photo antdujar94

Anthony Andujar Jr ART

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Test flip animation stop motion. Ive been working on this for the past few days in between my subway commutes from college, work and home. Utilizing found time on the subway helps me to take that time to draw frame by frame some animation on the go. Since im still working on the universe short, i figured the flip animation and characters would be apart of the overall short that I've been working on. So here is a glimpse of the test footage. Im not just a illustrator or a painter. I have bigger plans that im working on with my cowriters. Its a marathon, will take time, but it will defintely come into fruition. Since I've been watching My Hero Academia season 3 and Jojo pt 4: Diamonds Unbrekable, ut had me going back and forth to my sketchbook that ive been drawing in. If you have a loved one that loves art, manga, anime, comics, dragon ball , apparel, go to and search Antdujar94 to get yourself or loved ones some apparel from my hero themed series! So what are you waiting for! Get on it!! And thank you for the support as always! #anime

Orang Yang Pengen JadiAnimator (@flezy.nero.927) Instagram Profile Photo flezy.nero.927

Orang Yang Pengen JadiAnimator

image by Orang Yang Pengen JadiAnimator (@flezy.nero.927) with caption : "Anime kan....
W ngomong apa la
Uda la
#begitulah" - 1762364405925934706
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Anime kan.... W ngomong apa la Uda la #anime

El Ninja que Copia✌ (@soy.kakashi) Instagram Profile Photo soy.kakashi

El Ninja que Copia✌

image by El Ninja que Copia✌ (@soy.kakashi) with caption : "Con la persona correcta cualquier lugar es perfecto
(Créditos a su artista original y a quién me la mando^^)
#kaka" - 1762364306530615419
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