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James Wallis (@kashfish) Instagram Profile Photo kashfish

James Wallis

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Base to go, but this little guy is getting a break before I get stuck into that. This is the 'Armiger Warglaive' from the Forgebane set, in Blood Angels colours. As well as a few tiny mods to make it more to Dante's liking. (As armiger means 'one entirled to bear heraldic arms', it seemed like a missed opportunity to leave it to the Mars boys.) Space Wolves armiger next! #baal

image by Sus (@baalmad) with caption : "Svensk Pølseret

500 g kogte kartofler
250 g kogt pasta
8 pølser
1 løg
140 g tomatpure
1/4 fløde 
Svits løg
Tilsæt pølse" - 1765961892420870396
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Svensk Pølseret 500 g kogte kartofler 250 g kogt pasta 8 pølser 1 løg 140 g tomatpure 1/4 fløde Svits løg Tilsæt pølser og steg dem brunligt. Tilsæt tomatpure, fløde og pasta. Varm godt igennem. Klar til servering 😃 #baal

image by Jon Blaze (@knowledgeconnoisseur) with caption : "From: @kingbelize1 -  Repost from @mysterybabylon101 ***LEGAL NAME FICTION BIRTH CERTIFICATE VATICAN IRS  FRAUD PT 1*** " - 1765878469483102686
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From: @kingbelize1 - Repost from @mysterybabylon101 ***LEGAL NAME FICTION BIRTH CERTIFICATE VATICAN IRS FRAUD PT 1*** When your birth certificate was monetized and converted into a UNITED STATES Government Bond shortly after your birth by your Mother, your net worth became unlimited, into Billions of Dollars, without your, nor your Mother’s, and Father’s, knowledge. When the UNITED STATES declared bankruptcy in 1933 under the bankruptcy (Straw man) law known as HJR 192, pledged all Americans as collateral (debt slaves) against the national debt to the International Bankers; gave all the land to the international bankers (Federal Reserve Corporation); and confiscated and outlawed all the gold except for one ounce for each person; thus, eliminating the lawful means (Gold and Silver Coins) by which you could legally pay your debt, the UNITED STATES also assumed legal responsibility for providing a new way for you to pay. In 1933, the UNITED STATES Government declared that they would pay all of YOUR debts with the money they receive from your labor, birth certificate, and Social Security registered number by what is known as your Reserve Account worth Billions! The UNITED STATES Corporation Government did that by providing what is known as the Exemption Account. The bankers loan credit and not money, because there has not been any lawful money since 5 June 1933. The Exemption Account is your exemption from having to pay for anything. In practical terms, though, this meant giving each American something to pay with, and that something is your credit. This secret has been hidden for over 79 years. Your value to society was then and is still calculated using actuarial tables. At birth, average value bonds were created from your birth certificate. I understand that this is currently between one and two million dollars at your birth when your mother unknowingly gave her baby, you, away to the UNITED STATES Government. Read more@ #baal -

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Wunderschönen guten Morgen! 👑☀️ ❗- des Tages: Probiert etwas Neues aus, dass ihr noch nie vorher probiert habt. 😮 P.S.: Heute mal in Farbe, geht das klar oder doch lieber Schwarz-Weiß? 😁 #baal

image by KI-ME (@kyrel73) with caption : "#tibetan #sorcery #mandala #pehar is equivalent to #baal #sorceressofchaldea #luciferian #witchcraft #knoweverything  I " - 1765801782925123428
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is equivalent to #baal I am working on the ritual. The herb to be burned is or tree peony