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I told my friends/team mates, I'll shout them a few nights in the Sofitel in 2 years 2 weeks. Once I hit the second top level of my company! It's happening 💪💪💪 # Follow @_christiansullivan_ 📲 # #bluediamond

BDLdiamonds (@bdldiamonds) Instagram Profile Photo bdldiamonds


image by BDLdiamonds (@bdldiamonds) with caption : "カラーダイヤモンドフェア開催いたします!

1ct に迫るFancy intense Blueも登場ですっ。


#bdldiamond #bdldia" - 1762329205087395201
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カラーダイヤモンドフェア開催いたします! 1ct に迫るFancy intense Blueも登場ですっ。 価格交渉とベストプライスのダブル企画♪ #bluediamond

image by Ihadra (@ihadracosplay) with caption : "Human/casual Blue Diamond is ready for Fredrikstad Sci-Fi Festival💙💎
#bluediamond #stevenuniverse #humanbluediamond #cas" - 1762320666869574559
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Human/casual Blue Diamond is ready for Fredrikstad Sci-Fi Festival💙💎 #bluediamond

RANDOM SU POSTS💎👽 (@alien68plus1) Instagram Profile Photo alien68plus1


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PEARL WHDVWJDJSBS - - voice: greatest story ever told. steven: now what is going on? voice: he believes he knew everything about the gems... garnet: you have it all wrong! voice: but now.. he’s about to make discoveries so big steven: wait! voice: that it will change his world forever! ... and this is not it. steven universe! new episodes saturday, 5th of may at 7.25 pm DONT MISS IT!! - - #bluediamond

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we are CLOD

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nerf guns and legos and pop vinyls are the best toys/collectables that everyone should have✌🏻also fuck cosplayers they make me cringe so hard (🎨to discount supervillain) #bluediamond