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IGA Fresh Quinns Rocks (@igafreshquinns) Instagram Profile Photo igafreshquinns

IGA Fresh Quinns Rocks

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Stock up for easter 🐰 #chocolatelovers

Instagram Image by Lilla (@littlebeetle_chocolates) with caption : "#marchmeetthemaker DAY 20: Tools 🔧
When tasting chocolate, my most important tools are my senses. It is a highly sen" at Fulbourn - 1740563950971808524
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DAY 20: Tools 🔧 . . When tasting chocolate, my most important tools are my senses. It is a highly sensory experience where mindfulness and active use of all senses are crucial. Of course smell and taste are the most important, but to get the full picture, appearance, touch and sound count too. (Did you know you should always listen to chocolate before eating? It is calling your name 😂 - and the snap tells you it is perfectly tempered). . . There's also a number of various visual aids that can be used for tastings such as a flavour wheel, tasting cards, tasting notebook where you can jot down your thoughts. . . When talking about chocolate to others, I like to show them images about the bean-to-bar process because it is easier to understand when you actually see what's happening. I have some dried cocoa pods, cocoa beans and nibs too, and it is always good to see the a-ha moment in people's eyes when they connect it to one of their favourite treats. . . Here I was preparing for a fun virtual tasting with my friend Patricia @myic2016. We took part in @williescacao and @gbchefs FB Live chocolate tasting last week, but it felt a bit rushed so we wanted to take more time to taste the bars again and exchange ideas, so did a skype-tasting 😊 love technology! . . . #chocolatelovers

Eat Whatever You Want (@dapur_kabita) Instagram Profile Photo dapur_kabita

Eat Whatever You Want

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Siapa sih yang tahan dengan godaan coklat yang satu ini... Obat anti galau lumayan ampuh nih.. Ya gak??.. Karena kandungan yang ada di dalam coklat itu InsyaaAllah membuat kamu lebih relax.. . . Pas banget nih buat stok camilan dirumah... 😂 . . Menjelang ramadhan dan lebaran nanti gak ada salahnya order dr sekarang... So pasti akan tahan untuk beberapa bulan ke depan.. Jangan sampai ketinggalan ya.. Harga merakyat bangettss laah... Udah banyak yang order nih.. Jangan sampai kamu kehabisan... 😂 😂 😘😘 . . Seriously order?? WA@083820055901 🤗 lovers

Cake Mondays (@cakemondays_) Instagram Profile Photo cakemondays_

Cake Mondays

Everybody loves ganache right?!?!! 😁😁🐻🙌❤ #chocolatelovers