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Irina Vlassova (@divine.priestess) Instagram Profile Photo divine.priestess

Irina Vlassova


image by Irina Vlassova (@divine.priestess) with caption : "Rp @the_awakening_guide: Sharing your intimate energy with someone is more than an exchange of bodily fluids and emotion" - 1737961498283752740
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Rp @the_awakening_guide: Sharing your intimate energy with someone is more than an exchange of bodily fluids and emotions. We are energetic beings and when we choose to become intimate with someone, we automatically exchange energies with them. We receive some of their energy and they receive some of ours. Sex connects us with another person physically, in the deepest way possible. Whenever two souls share erotic passion through a sexual energy exchange, this becomes a merging of spirit. Through this energetic exchange of information we open ourselves up to that person in a whole new way. Sex is not something that is purely physical, indeed it goes far beyond the animalistic nature within us, that at times can seek to express itself through our desire for physical intimacy. We share and exchange the energies that originate from our souls when become intimately connected with someone. In today's society, many do not understand how to channel and utilize their sexual energy in a healthy manner. We tend to deplete our life force through the lack of understanding that we have towards this divine essence within us. Sexual energy is creative energy. It has the power to bring forth physical life, and it also carries the potential to help connect us to new thoughts and feelings through its creative force, and can help promote healing in all aspects of our lives, when utilized in its wholeness. By learning to control our animalistic tendencies and through harnessing and integrating our sexual energy in a wholesome fashion, we in turn help create balance within our energetic system. Don't allow yourself to become enslaved by this powerful energy within you. Master it. Ensure that you only share it with a person who you truly feel you are compatible with. Channel and integrate this integral aspect of yourself in all areas of your life. This burning desire within us can be utilized in many ways that go beyond our longing for physical intimacy. #divine

Crystal Underground (@crystal_underground) Instagram Profile Photo crystal_underground

Crystal Underground


♧MARTHA♣ (@martha_mogo88) Instagram Profile Photo martha_mogo88


image by ♧MARTHA♣ (@martha_mogo88) with caption : "Tan agustito al sol #yorkshireterrier #yorkshire #mode #relax #sun #divine" - 1734791475349109240
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Tan agustito al sol #divine

image by 9TALEs (@9_tales13) with caption : "@motherartistpage 
A big part of what our music represents is dispelling fear with #vibration. For you are the #source a" - 1737942841717497960
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@motherartistpage A big part of what our music represents is dispelling fear with . For you are the and at source is vibration, pure consciousness. Your love was born in the darkness. This is something our ancestors knew of. she is an etherical image that has been stolen by our oppressors. Parts of our selves that wish us not to have knowledge of our source. For knowing source is reconnection. It has been an age of tyranny without our Mother's love. This is evidence. Those tat take part in her deformation do not live happy lives. Ur source when connected brings u much peace. We are not at peace. This is evidence of the truth of the deities we have been told of to be non existent frauds created 2 conceal the truth. is connector of the Earth realm and the sky and the , the who, created all the seeded from a single thought. That thought was LOVE. You are love, her very first . Conscious before ur existence as your creatress. SHE is pure #divine existence and experience of what she is LOVE. When u fear her image u the species.....u fear the offerings u cannot achieve as a hueman. The horns of the ram to whom we desecrate in the farms, they are the that bring BALANCE. The beauty of the essence of the primordial being of all of CREATION the Snake, she brings TRUTH, she is vibration, she is the piece of the puzzle that insists no deception can be perceived. Without her we have become vulnerable. The winged , she is the connector of all that is etherical, a bridge between this beautiful Plane and the higher realms. Know that any to her that is not love is not only rejected but a karma on self that one can show themselves such distain, disrespect and abuse. The light that is love sees only our pain and wishes to learn from it now and evermore. More so we are coming nearer to the time where those pains have been enough to have had this hard lesson. Fear not ur own enlghtenment. Ur are the , whom inhabit this Earth for divine privalege to awaken ur eternal spirit. U are not seperated from each other.we r all her

Edidiong Imeh (@edidiong.x) Instagram Profile Photo edidiong.x

Edidiong Imeh

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Getting lost in nature's embrace. This place has felt the warmth of lovers and heard the laughter of children. These trees depict strength, they are marked by nature's ability to change and earth's inability to understand. #divine