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Ethical Jewels In Madrid (@dorje_jewels) Instagram Profile Photo dorje_jewels

Ethical Jewels In Madrid

image by Ethical Jewels In Madrid (@dorje_jewels) with caption : "It is no secret that the moon has no light of her own, but is, as it were, a mirror, receiving brightness from the influ" - 1766190494671385056
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Jessica Morgan Frombach (@spirited__away__) Instagram Profile Photo spirited__away__

Jessica Morgan Frombach

image by Jessica Morgan Frombach (@spirited__away__) with caption : "#shivalingham #Isis #Dorje" - 1766152289863401805
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Tony Blrs (@teedjee_31) Instagram Profile Photo teedjee_31

Tony Blrs

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DAY 14 : Today I wanted to pay tribute to my beloved guitar called Epona. She's a @chapmanguitars and so I decided to play a killer riff from the song "White Dove" by @dorjeofficial. A riff written by a man who inspired me to pick up the guitar and play it, Mister Rob Chapman (@rob_chappers). Cheers 🤘🏻 #dorje

All Things Angel (@allthingsangelgifts) Instagram Profile Photo allthingsangelgifts

All Things Angel

image by All Things Angel (@allthingsangelgifts) with caption : "Tibetan Dorje charm for enlightenment #dorje #tibetancharms" - 1766065037090248147
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Tibetan Dorje charm for enlightenment #dorje

Marley Akonnor (@tuxedoblack1) Instagram Profile Photo tuxedoblack1

Marley Akonnor

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Doing my best @d_sisco516 impression with the outfit.🤷🏾‍♂️ • • Tempo Squats 5 second eccentric with a 1 second pause - 355 5x3. • • No better feeling than your coach (@rhireynolds88)coming up with a new “least favorite exercise” every training block🙃. • • #dorje

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Hecha a mano en el momento ... ✨✨✨Pulsera “Me Amo”❤️ inspirada en el amor propio con piedras seleccionadas que fomentan la comunicación desde el Chakra corazón ❤️ hacia chkra garganta, que con intuición del tercer ojo y conexión divina es ideal para que puedas recuperar tu feminidad y balancear tu vida con la influencia masculina indestructible del #dorje - símbolo tibetano🙏Valor:$26.000 - despachamos a todo Chile

Bikesh Bajracharya (@third_i_blinkk) Instagram Profile Photo third_i_blinkk

Bikesh Bajracharya

image by Bikesh Bajracharya (@third_i_blinkk) with caption : "👉For tattoo appointments call @9869030266 😉
👉Blood2ink tattoo
👉Patan nepal 🤗" - 1764669270514304693
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👉For tattoo appointments call @9869030266 😉 👉Blood2ink tattoo 👉Patan nepal 🤗 ✌✌✌🙏 #dorje ✌✌ 😊 ✌😊😊😊🤗 😎😁

image by Supernova (@supernova4733) with caption : "| Kroda | by Supernova

The weapon specialist.

#art #artist #weapon #special #painting #energypainting #dorje #vajra #b" - 1764643388503624446
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| Kroda | by Supernova The weapon specialist. #dorje