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Paint The Trail (@paintthetrail) Instagram Profile Photo paintthetrail

Paint The Trail

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Check presentation at the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club. The women Of Greyhound Racing raised 3,300 dollars in a fundraiser for the Eden Spa of Florida Hospitals Cancer Institute. Nice work y’all. I love those greyhound people. You’ll never catch the media doing a story on this ...! #fakenews

Evair Trevizan (@evairtrevizan) Instagram Profile Photo evairtrevizan

Evair Trevizan

Instagram Image by Evair Trevizan (@evairtrevizan) with caption : "Vamos lutar por #justiça. Vamos combater a indústria das #fakenews." at Campinas, Sao Paulo - 1737846757821302082

Vamos lutar por . Vamos combater a indústria das #fakenews.

I don't know about anyone else but this does not seem that warm to me. Every other year at this time it did but not now. I am a big fan of that 15 degrees for tonight let me tell you. Normally this time of year I am considering putting on shorts and everyone online is all jealous and asking me where I live and telling me how they are moving here next year because they still have snow. I know this is not in my head, after February we just warm up normally. We didn't really get snow or winter this year during the normal season and that was awesome. I was all hip hip for global warming keep that shit up. So I shouldn't complain we are just a few months off of normal weather but if I went into town and saw a fricking Christmas tree right now it would be way more fitting then the Christmas season was. I wish global warming was real, I believe in climate change and I believe the carbon bullshit was fed to us because they knew this was coming and needed something for us to hold onto to, so we would think it was our own damn fault and accept it. Don't get me wrong, I believe industrial countries need to work on the emissions but more because they are bad for us then they are heating my very cold planet currently. Not sure if you are aware of the earth cracking up all around the world, the flooding in a ridiculous amount of different places, the volcano activity from like 4 different countries this year, or the massive amount of sea life that committed suicide trying to leave the ocean or not but something is very wrong here and it sure as hell is not warm in a normally warm state of Arizona. If we are to freeze to death or the earth split into new continents, floods consuming the coastlines, then I wish it happens quickly and stop teasing me. I don't want to slowly freeze and starve, bring on this global warming already is what I say. Other places have those boom sounds from the sky, birds dropping to the ground dead by the hundreds, fireballs and metors in the sky and ufo sightings and I, I have fricken snow. I have seen snow before and it is not as exciting as something new and amazing. Now I'm the jealous one and I don't like that much. @BeansAndBeads

Bad Hombre (@yurasis) Instagram Profile Photo yurasis

Bad Hombre

image by Bad Hombre (@yurasis) with caption : "@courtneyclift :

Well you see Mueller only hires competent people of integrity who love their country.  That severely l" - 1737849121204445832
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@courtneyclift : Well you see Mueller only hires competent people of integrity who love their country. That severely limits the pool of available Republicans. When you get your #FakeNews from ! Trump WAS a Democrat for most of his life! And HE donated to Hillary Clinton! "Robert Mueller is a Republican and you donated to Hillary Clinton for years. But, this isn’t about politics. This is about you being held accountable under the law. This is America and you are not a king." - Evan McMullen ! ! NO COLLUSION!