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Kah Yee Teh Rusin (@kahyeeteh) Instagram Profile Photo kahyeeteh

Kah Yee Teh Rusin

image by Kah Yee Teh Rusin (@kahyeeteh) with caption : "The next generation of Edelman. #EdelPup #FurBaby @pepperthefrenchbully" - 1787334780209934062
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The next generation of Edelman. #FurBaby @pepperthefrenchbully

Mohinder the Bunny :) (@mohindercametostay) Instagram Profile Photo mohindercametostay

Mohinder the Bunny :)

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When David talked about getting you I remember saying I didn’t want a big dog but he convinced me. We picked you up and you were the cutest thing with your big paws, loose extra skin and jowls. You immediately made a place for yourself inside my heart. As you got bigger you became my protector. You would stare at me while sitting next to D or you would sleep in the office while I worked. If someone was at the door you immediately put yourself between them and me. When we got a small puppy by the name of Gozer, you weren’t quite sure what to do with her so you kept your distance from her until she made you snuggle. Afterward you became the protector for all our little fur babies as they joined the family. Even today, your last day you were barking in the backyard protecting us from what was on the other side of the fence. However, we all knew it was time because the cancer was affecting your breathing making you struggle to catch your breath at rest. Roxie, you have been the best discount puppy ever. We will always ❤️ you. Now you and Gozer can play together and take all the walks you want without pain or discomfort. RIP my beefy girl . . . #furbaby @thefeldmonster

Milo and Taco (@miloandtaco) Instagram Profile Photo miloandtaco

Milo and Taco

image by Milo and Taco (@miloandtaco) with caption : "So since we are almost 3 (that's 29 in hooman years, so technically we are older than mum and dad 😜) they thought we sho" - 1787334224522978871
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So since we are almost 3 (that's 29 in hooman years, so technically we are older than mum and dad 😜) they thought we should start taking some responsibility, we started by taking ourselves for a walk this morning 💁 but in all seriousness mum was supaw proud of our listening this morning and how we stayed nice and close to her and dad. Check out our insta story, told you we are 10/10 good boys 😉 . . #furbaby