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Eimai O Kanenas (@c0njuring) Instagram Profile Photo c0njuring

Eimai O Kanenas

image by Eimai O Kanenas (@c0njuring) with caption : "Inhale the #light ..." - 1765637711358959064
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Inhale the ...

Sunset Project (@everydaysunsets) Instagram Profile Photo everydaysunsets

Sunset Project

Instagram Image by Sunset Project (@everydaysunsets) with caption : "#everydaysunsets 
Wednesday, 25 April
Thessaloniki, Kalamaria" at Kalamariá, Greece - 1765626455851979579

Wednesday, 25 April Thessaloniki, Kalamaria

Cultural Foundation BOC (@boccf) Instagram Profile Photo boccf

Cultural Foundation BOC

This jug is an exceptional piece of the ceramic production of the island during the Archaic I period (750- 600 B.C.), featuring a rich decorative composition of figural representations along with floral and linear motifs. The main zone is decorated with a group of seven draped figures holding large stylized lotus flowers, representing a scene of ritual character. Amongst them, there are birds, while one of the figures holds a quadruped by its horns. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ig_greece