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Wendy Nugroho (@wen_nug) Instagram Profile Photo wen_nug

Wendy Nugroho

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74 of 365 I'm not a good kendama player, i have a very low hit rate, every day is always be a grind, not fully skilled, definitely nonpro, just a moderate player. But 1 thing for sure, i love to test new possibilities. I'm sure nobody have done this before. But please tell me if anyone ever do this. @david_cherwak @dave_cher 1 turn penguin tap tap penguin falling in 一回転 ペンギンタップタップペンギン逆落とし Kendama: keyaki oozora #Kendama

damaship (@damaship) Instagram Profile Photo damaship


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hiroharu yokota (@nonbei.squad) Instagram Profile Photo nonbei.squad

hiroharu yokota

アユムさんキャンペーン提出します(*'▽'*) 概要が見当たらなくて、確かこれでしたよね?やっと、やっとできましたがもうできません笑 跳ねる気持ちも十分わかりました笑 @ayumu0711 さん よろしくお願い致します。 #kendama

Slay Everything (@slayeverythingdamas) Instagram Profile Photo slayeverythingdamas

Slay Everything

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Ken flip, double juggle, downspike. Had to lace something while I was there. #kendama

砲夢乱一狼 (@ichiro1043) Instagram Profile Photo ichiro1043


Instagram Image by 砲夢乱一狼 (@ichiro1043) with caption : "今週は本当にいろんなことがあって、自棄になりそうだったけど、やっぱりけん玉もエアギターも楽しいから生きてるって楽しい。


#けん玉 #rizenkendama #kendama #逆流性食道炎と闘う" at 浜松市 美薗中央公園 中瀬南部緑地 - 1766394613764924111
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今週は本当にいろんなことがあって、自棄になりそうだったけど、やっぱりけん玉もエアギターも楽しいから生きてるって楽しい。 ただ胸焼けが治らん💦 おのれ東勝軒め。 #kendama

Gilroy Armard (@easykendama) Instagram Profile Photo easykendama

Gilroy Armard

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You already know @sweetskendamas #kendama

≪◇Νσrικεη◆≫ (@tc_9898) Instagram Profile Photo tc_9898


Michael Allen Martin (@mmartart) Instagram Profile Photo mmartart

Michael Allen Martin

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Yo @thekengarden are there frequent flyer miles for this . But seriously dope concept and a real cool dama challenge. Thanks for this 🙏👌✈ #kendama

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夜練 QBけん玉部練習場からPart2 1. 2. この場所での集中力半端なかったな☺︎ 良き練習でした(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) #kendama

Dylan Westmoreland (@dwesty_) Instagram Profile Photo dwesty_

Dylan Westmoreland

8-turn Inward whirl from my Ig story yesterday. Might actually grind a 9 soon and match @kdillah #Kendama

Vancouver BC Kendama (@akadopeboi_dama) Instagram Profile Photo akadopeboi_dama

Vancouver BC Kendama

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The trick isn’t anything special but what is special is this @terrakendama blue prefect SkatePly 🙌🏻 this thing is so sick! #kendama

Ceejay Martinez (@ceejay_mart) Instagram Profile Photo ceejay_mart

Ceejay Martinez

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Repost (tried to fix the quality but still cheeks)... So if you didn’t see b4 my trick has made level 11 in KWC.. Who am I going to see do this??? Comment down below #Kendama