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image by Queenhieu (@nguyendinhhieu2068) with caption : "🌼🌻#lives" - 1742607030542940213
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Savyasaachi Photography (@savyasaachi_photography) Instagram Profile Photo savyasaachi_photography

Savyasaachi Photography


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"Sacred - The Fool is a great , able to thwart convention and tell the truth without restraint. Your is a wonderful, powerful, sacred Fool! It cares not for the right way to do things. It cares not for what the says is real and not real. It lives according to an inner that cannot be dictated to or controlled by anything! It , it #lives and it is what is! This heralds a time - now or imminent- when you will feel inspired, and for what you can offer to the . It says to you, 'Don't try to be appropriate, don't try to be socially acceptable and worry about what others may think about what you are doing- just be. If you want to wear a mad 🎩 hat whilst doing so, fine. The sacred Fool is willing to leave behind what has been because it no longer feels right to stay attached to it. The sacred Fool in you life completely. It would never occur to this part of you to try and outsmart life or resist it's . It recognizes that the mind is a monkey 🐒 puppet on strings. More often then not, it is cajoled into fear when it could be dwelling in the radical of life. So, the sacred Fool in you urges your mind to let itself be pulled into by your heart strings not into fear and doubt by the controlling machines of mass media. This oracle brings you the . It's time for you to . It's time to let life happen in a completely unreserved, unscripted way. The more bizarre, left of field, unexpected and the better. This might not feel safe or appropriate at first. That is okay. That is good actually. It is a you are breaking with your own self-imposed conventions. It is time to move beyond them now because a bigger life is calling you."- Sacred Oracle ❤😘💋👌🌹🎩🌈🏖⭐️