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Pavel Magdysh (@pavelmagdysh) Instagram Profile Photo pavelmagdysh

Pavel Magdysh

Instagram Image by Pavel Magdysh (@pavelmagdysh) with caption : "И ещё макро
#flowers #sun #macrophotography #macro #nature" at Zhytomyr - 1785660111348321040
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И ещё макро photography

JenMarvin/JMImagesPhotography (@jmimagesphotography) Instagram Profile Photo jmimagesphotography


image by JenMarvin/JMImagesPhotography (@jmimagesphotography) with caption : "#macrophotography #jmimagesphotography #wedding" - 1785659897507940579
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Krishna Prasad (@krishnaprasadkk13) Instagram Profile Photo krishnaprasadkk13

Krishna Prasad

Instagram Image by Krishna Prasad (@krishnaprasadkk13) with caption : "Ultramacrophotography
#nikon #coolpix #nikoncoolpixa100 #photography #macrophotography #f/8.0 #shutter-1/25" at Tamil Nadu - 1785659436946333930
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Ultramacrophotography #macrophotography /8.0 -1/25

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Meet the Western Sculptured Pine Borer (Chalcophora angulicollis) • Larvae bore through roots, logs, stems, and leaves of various types of plants, ranging from trees to grasses. The wood boring types generally favor dying or dead branches on otherwise-healthy trees, while a few types attack green wood; some of these are serious pests capable of killing trees and causing major economic damage, such as the invasive emerald ash borer. • SUPER COOL FACT: Some species are attracted to recently burned forests to lay their eggs. They can sense pine wood smoke from up to 50 miles away, and can see infrared light, helping them to zero in as they get closer to a forest fire. • (Wiki)