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Adam Nemeth (@adamfzr) Instagram Profile Photo adamfzr

Adam Nemeth


Cafe Racers and Vintage Bikes (@streetcaferacers) Instagram Profile Photo streetcaferacers

Cafe Racers and Vintage Bikes


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Two Travel Tailors


image by Two Travel Tailors (@twotraveltailors) with caption : "A calling for bikers with hellmets 🤘,ride  blissfully to the village of Turktuk far away in the remote highlands of Leh " - 1738385183930894459
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A calling for bikers with hellmets 🤘,ride blissfully to the village of Turktuk far away in the remote highlands of Leh Ladakh.This 14 day motorcycle trip includes meeting the army camp in Turtuk, ladakh schools at Pang valley , ride to pagal nalla towards Pangong lake.Dont miss it ,this ride is different. Manali - Leh - Turtuk - Manali - Chandigarh Drop. All meals ,backup vehicles, pliot rider,first aid , camping equipment, spares , mechanic. Crew of 5 support team. 🏔️ For more info - 📧 📲 - +91-7738232831 ing

enfield baba (@enfield_baba) Instagram Profile Photo enfield_baba

enfield baba

Instagram Image by enfield baba (@enfield_baba) with caption : ".
Life as a spiritual fake is no beach.
The reality kills you !" at Goa, India - 1738370644124608313
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. Life as a spiritual fake is no beach. The reality kills you !

SORRY for spamming you all with updates!! I’ll stop now 😉aha Full video on my Facebook - BenKingOnTheRoad (Part 3) I finally made it to Georgia!! 🇬🇪 Woohoo!! I’ve arrived in Batumi by the Black Sea, its almost 7am, and I’ve been riding for over 24 hours now... That was a NIGHTMARE border crossing! Got stuck on the Turkish side for over 4 hours, because I’d ‘overstayed’ my visa by only a FEW hours, all because THEIR computer system was down at the border I tried to cross 350km east of me WELL BEFORE MIDNIGHT! So I had to ride through the night, through snow, fog and ice in -7 temperatures (which felt like -20 with the winds at the top of the mountains) just to make it to the border in time! When they asked for a fine I instantly said no and asked to speak to the ‘director’ (he’s apparently called) of the border crossing. Turned out he actually spoke good English so I thought I was in luck and explained everything to him! HE DID NOT CARE!! All he wanted to do was go back to sleep in his office!! And with the threat of being banned from Turkey for 4-5 years I ended up paying the fine, which was almost £100! Which may not sound like much to some of you, but when you’re traveling on a cheap budget of only $5/6 dollars a day that money can go a long way! And especially as it wasn’t even my fault!! Ahhhhhh!! I should have listened to Zafer and just gone straight to the Black Sea border crossing instead of heading over the mountains! It’s my fault for wanting to ride in the snow...😂hahaa But I can’t let this take away from the AWESOME experience I had in Turkey and all the AMAZING people I met everyday, who helped me, fed, shelter me and just showed kindness! You all know who you are!! Hopefully when the shock of paying the fine has sunk in I can look forward to returning to Turkey again 😜haha Now I’m off to explore Batumi, hope I can stay awake on the bike this time 😉hahaa 🇬🇪❤️🏍⛰❄️🌍