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Annissa Williams (@annissawilliams_lmt) Instagram Profile Photo annissawilliams_lmt

Annissa Williams

“ Hey Big Head “ A group of 4️⃣ muscles, the Suboccipital Muscles are located 🔛 each side of the 🔙 of the neck, just below the occipital bone, or the base of the skull. These muscles attach the head to the 🔝two vertebrae of the neck. •••The suboccipital muscles control the turning and tilting of the head from ⬅️side to side➡️ . •••There are many different reasons that cause pain to radiate within the suboccipital muscles which can then cause a tension or migraine headache🤕 . Pain can begin from frequent moving of the head, using the shoulder to hold the phone 📱 to the ear 👂 , propping the head up in the hand 🤚 and looking to the side, or emotional tension. •••When the suboccipital muscles are in spasms, it can aggravate the greater suboccipital nerve resulting in a series of events that produce tension headaches 🤯. 📖Read more :