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Simone Dietz (@sim0ne1989) Instagram Profile Photo sim0ne1989

Simone Dietz


Adam Sa'eed (@adamsa3eed) Instagram Profile Photo adamsa3eed

Adam Sa'eed


Vartan Demirchian (@vartandemirchian) Instagram Profile Photo vartandemirchian

Vartan Demirchian

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@garyvee with @get_repost ・・・ . Before you even watch this tag your best friend on Instagram. - Get to that place, that place where you know who you are and are in a place where you appreciate people’s opinions and respect them but you always value your final decision on you and never allow anyone’s POV on you to trump your own. - is the key to all of this. - How are you suppose to be happy on this Sunday when you allow someone else’s opinion of you trump your own and if you aren’t happy with yourself be reminded it’s because you took someone else’s $0.02 instead of your $0.03. - #passion