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Movtivation_Inspiration (@my_motivation_inspiration) Instagram Profile Photo my_motivation_inspiration


image by Movtivation_Inspiration (@my_motivation_inspiration) with caption : "Your daily inspiration and motivation fix.

@kanerbieghler" - 1764405448609284205
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Your daily inspiration and motivation fix. @kanerbieghler

image by MShredz (@mshredzfitness) with caption : "Pain can never bring you down!" - 1764405410591127918
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Pain can never bring you down!

Pec (Minor) Release 💁‍♂️The pec minor muscle runs from a point of the shoulder blade and inserts into the 3rd-5th ribs. It functions to help stabilise the shoulder blade and to tip it forwards. #. ✅Pec minor can become tight if you: -Have poor shoulder posture -Have an overworked pec minor due to inadequate strength of the other muscles acting around the shoulder blade (compensation). -Athletes that do a lot of pressing work. #. ✅How to perform the Pec Minor Release: ⃣Place a ball over the chest muscle as shown. ⃣Lean slightly forwards against a wall or doorway ⃣Start with arm reaching down and in front of you ⃣Pull your arm back and stretch the chest #. #workout

Scott William (@scottbrits) Instagram Profile Photo scottbrits

Scott William

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Barbell cycling started 80kg x 20 powercleans, lightweight but happy with the speed 🏋🏻‍♀️ squats today 💪 - #workout

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Day 12 in the books! Leg Day was tough but I kept going. The best part of today was being able to do single leg good mornings without putting my leg down! Woo hoo!! I only had two meals today, the last meal I had was delicious but it was too much. I literally couldn't fit anymore food in my stomach. I'm still super full so that meal was too much. But you live and you learn throughout this journey. And learning about what works for you is what will make you successful in this journey. Just keep swimming 🐳 #workout

Serkan Pişken Academy (@serkanpiskenacademy) Instagram Profile Photo serkanpiskenacademy

Serkan Pişken Academy

Instagram Image by Serkan Pişken Academy (@serkanpiskenacademy) with caption : "@kuvvetkondisyon @atilla.turker tarafından düzenlenen🙏🏻Functional Lines Serisini bitirdik. 👍Bu Eğitimde📚📚📚 #fascia #fasc" at Bursa - 1764405368741291166
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@kuvvetkondisyon @atilla.turker tarafından düzenlenen🙏🏻Functional Lines Serisini bitirdik. 👍Bu Eğitimde📚📚📚 konularını gibi Spor aletlerini kullanarak sahada nasıl transfer ⚽️🏈🥊🤼‍♂️🚴‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏃🏋️edeceğimizi, çok değerli Eğitmen 👨‍🏫arkadaşlarımla uygulayarak, bilgi alışverişinde bulunarak interaktif 📱📞🎥📹bir eğitim gerçekleştirdim. Eğitim sonunda @serkanpiskenacademy tişörlerimi giyen ve fotoğraf çektiren çok değerli arkadaşlarıma @atilla.turker @kuvvetkondisyon @semhunall @ckmkberke ve Emre hocalarıma 😊 🙏🏻teşekkür ederim. #workout

TEAMCHANGE™ USA 🇺🇸 (@teamchange_usa) Instagram Profile Photo teamchange_usa


Instagram Image by TEAMCHANGE™ USA 🇺🇸 (@teamchange_usa) with caption : "You’re your own limit⭐️
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Check out full coll" at United States - 1764405325892328932

You’re your own limit⭐️ @nebi0723 . ▪️TEAMCHANGE SnapBack all black . Available online worldwide 🌟 . Check out full collection . .⬇️⬇️⬇️. . 📲Download our App via Google Play or App Store to shop our exclusive fitness fashion ✅ . 🌎Worldwide Shipping🌎 ✖️✖️ . @change_wear