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9GAG Eyegasm

Bio • Satisfying videos • 9GAG Fun Off contest is back! Submit your satisfying videos and get a chance to win $100,000:


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Report Download 227 38.35K
Report Download 38 10.77K

yellow tinted - cr: @carmengomezilustracion -

Report Download 228 15.95K

writing Taiwan - cr: @k.kanban -

Report Download 53 7.54K

Death Star Hologram - - 📷kidach1| TW - -

Report Download 267 12.26K
Report Download 102 14.59K
Report Download 58 6.12K

Artificial snail - 📹jun1chi | TW -

Report Download 310 27.55K

in Paradise – Drawing the Ephemeral, Oscar Oiwa used 120 black marker pens to adorn an entire inflatable dome with illustrations of pathways, mythical forests, and swirling skies. - video courtesy Oscar Oiwa Studio, NY - 📍@japanhousesp -

Report Download 30 10.94K

Copper leaf on an acacia pour painted bowl, sealed with food safe resin. - By @kathrynbeals - @art_resin