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Bio Turn🔛post notifications↗️ Fitness expert & entrepreneur Former fatso turned cover model Former Men's Health fitness director ⬇️Access my site💻 & app📱


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💫One ☝️ of my 📲 💻 members and superstars ⭐️ @marielgkwon12 crushing the exercise I shared earlier today. Not only does she have a great 👍🏼garage/home gym, she’s also wearing a great 👍🏼 shirt 👚. Mariel, thanks 🙏🏼 a million for all of your support. You look amazing and keep killing it! @marielgkwon12 ・・・ I was going to take a rest day today but saw BJ Gaddour do these bad boys and I had to try! Not only are these awesome glute/hamstring/quad workout but an awesome core work as well! That band pulls you back and you have to resist, that’s where the core work comes in! 👌🏼 I did 3 sets of 10 reps each and let me tell ya they fucking 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 no joke!

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🍑 BUILD THE GLUTE-HAM TIE-IN WITH BAND-RESISTED SLIDING REVERSE LUNGES! ------------- Adding posterior band resistance to ANY reverse lunge will provide a horizontal force vector that will dramatically enhance glute-ham activation. I find it's particularly deadly on a sliding reverse lunge because of the amplified horizontal nature of the movement. I'm using the @ultraslide sideboard but you can modify with any fitness sliders. Bands from @dave_rbt and bells from @sorinex ------------- Here's how I plugged this in as part of a triple drop set in my workout yesterday, doing max reps of each move every minute on the minute and resting the remainder of each minute: ------------- Minute 1- Double-DB Hip-Loaded + Band-Resisted Minute 2- Single-DB Hip-Loaded + Band-Resisted Minute 3- Bodyweight + Band-Resisted Minutes 4 & 5- Bodyweight ------------- You stay on the same leg for 5 straight minutes, rest, switch sides, and repeat. It's just an incredible and complete lower body workout that is super easy on the joints and easy to recover from. I'm all about making it as hard on the muscles as possible without costing the joints a penny. Join me in suffering as minimally and safely as possible. You won't regret it when your other fitness buddies are getting joint replacements in their early 40's. ------------- #🍑

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🍟🍕🍔🍣🍓🥝🍍My 2 higher carb meals today! It was the first higher carb day in 2 weeks as part of the macronutrient cycling in the 3rd and final phase of my Post-Holiday Shred at My metabolism has been on fire 🔥 this past week and the belly & face fat has been falling off. Have a great weekend, baby!

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with the homie @robtrainsystems! Mike is one of the brightest minds in strength & conditioning and one of the most prolific content creators in fitness. I’ve been a huge fan of MR since I started my career back in 2005 and he’s my distinguished guest this week on my free podcast (swipe left for more info and direct link in my bio). Please follow him! He’s the real deal. 💪🏼 ————— @robtrainsystems ・・・ Technique Tuesday is BAAACCCKKKKK!!! 💪🏻 Often imitated (but never duplicated) the kettlebell swing is a great way to build explosive power in the hips, posterior chain strength, and a nice 🍑. 💪🏻 Now keep in mind there are hundreds of ways people will coach and cue the swing, but here are my “Big Rocks”: ☑️Set a kettlebell in front of the body, set-up with a shoulder width stance, and toe out slightly. ☑️Reach for the ‘bell, focusing on keeping the spine long and feeling the whole foot. ☑️”Hike” the kettlebell back in between the legs - the back should be flat and you should feel the whole foot. ☑️”Pop” the hips forward, focusing on finishing tall and again, feeling the whole foot. 💪🏻 On swings I’ll go anywhere from 10-40 reps per set, based on what goal/adaptation I’m chasing. If you want a simple and effective workout, simply stand in front of a clock and perform 10 swings every minute on the minute. If you do this for 10-15 minutes, I guarantee it will be a solid training session!

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💥 7-MINUTE REAR DELT & UPPER BACK BLASTER!🎄 ------------ This is an amazing 7-minute sequence using a mix of drop sets: loaded (moving from heavier to lighter resistance) and mechanical (moving from harder to easier moves/positions). You can never get enough work for the posterior shoulders and upper/mid back so consider adding this into your routine as a quick 7-minute finisher. ------------ Minute 1: Wide-grip overhand pullup Minute 2: Twisting @trxtraining row Minute 3: Heavier band pull-apart Minute 4: Lighter band pull-apart Minute 5: Overhand-grip reverse fly Minute 6: Hammer-grip reverse fly Minute 7: @concept2inc crossover reverse fly ------------ Bands from @Dave_RBT, door pullup bar from @tripledoorgym, and CenterMass Bells from @sorinex. Learn more about drop sets at in my Post-HolidayShred program. Have a great weekend, baby! ------------

image by BJ Gaddour (@bjgaddour) with caption : "📲 THE DAILY BJ app is now available on ANDROID devices!
💪🏼The Android app is now live on the Google Play s" - 1735816190667107238
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📲 THE DAILY BJ app is now available on ANDROID devices! ------------- 💪🏼The Android app is now live on the Google Play store. Just search "The Daily BJ" within the store or click the direct link in my bio under "The Daily BJ" icon. The app is free to download and it's $9.69/month to access the content but you can cancel anytime. It's loaded with my latest & greatest fat loss (SHRED) and muscle building (GAINZ) programming plus mobility and meal prep vids and exclusive podcasts. ------------- 🍎The iOS app for Apple devices will be coming soon! Unfortunately, it takes longer to both develop and upload the Apple version to the App Store. ------------- ✅If you're a member of The Daily BJ and you use android devices, we hope you enjoy the new, more user-friendly custom app experience. Please be sure to leave a 5-star review if you dig it PLUS a testimonial about how much you enjoy the app and the fitness and lifestyle content. It's greatly appreciated and will help us reach more good people like you! -------------