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Gideon Akande

Bio •@MensHealth Top Trainer •@PropelWater powered partner •@RIPTENSITY creator •2x Chicago Golden Gloves champ🥊 🇳🇬🇺🇸


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Having competed in collegiate football🏈 and boxing🥊, my sports experiences still influence my training approach. I find myself gravitating towards HIIT training - it’s fun, it’s always changing, and very challenging.👊🏿 ___ However, in my fitness maturity, I often remind others (and myself) that slowing it down has its benefits. 🐢 ___ Negatives, (slower tempo during the eccentric phase of the lift) provide the most strength gains in a given movement. When you need a change of pace, slow it down and focus on form and breathing🌬. If you want to get strong, move slow - and trust me, you’ll feel it a couple of days later!💥 ___ Tag a friend who is outta control. Tell em, slow it down, homie!”🤚🏿 ___ 🎧N.E.R.D - 1000 ___ @rhone @reebokone

THE SWITCH UP! ___ How many squat & curl combo variations can you spot?🧐 Grab one or use them all in your next workout!🤙🏿 ___ You’re targeting the same muscles, but each movement will feel very different as you alter time under tension and balance demands.💪🏿 ___ Give these a try and tag me in your attempts! ✅Happy Friday, Squad! ___ 🎧Birdman - 4 My Town (Play Ball) ___ @rhone @niketraining

To all of the wonderful women that make me a better man, and more importantly, make the world a better place🌍🤙🏿 - HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!💫🎊 ___ Here are several of my QUEEN partners-in-sweat that are inspirations in their own unique ways. 👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿Give them a follow and show love to each woman in your life - today AND everyday!📆 ___ In order of appearance: @kaisafit @caitlin_mpeterson @melissa_hartwig @_laurenschwab @suttonstrong @cookieeedough @fabiana_ferrarini @justdimpleit @gofitjo @betinagozo @kiki.a.smith @whitneyerd @nikkimetzger @alexia_clark ___

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What’s up fitness enthusiasts? I’ve partnered with Slimvance to design this workout challenge that will burn fat in :60 flat! ___ Slimvance is a stimulant-free herbal supplement that is comprised of all-natural botanicals turmeric, curry, and moringa. ___ Coupled with healthy eating and exercise like the movements shown, you’ll revv up your metabolism in a whole new way. ___ For more information, visit or your nearest @GNCLiveWell. ___

Instagram Image by Gideon Akande (@getfitwithgiddy) with caption : "Who’s sweatin’ today?😅 What’s your workout of choice?!💪🏿
#workoutwednesday #LetsGetUgly #GideonAkande #wegotgoals #g" at FLATS - The Bush Temple - 1730084410387388834

Who’s sweatin’ today?😅 What’s your workout of choice?!💪🏿 ___

How many of you eat sliders?🍔 Now how many of you exercise with sliders? Anyone?! ___ Use your socks🧦 on a hardwood floor or a paper plate on linoleum and glide it out! ___ These variations are simple in theory, but challenge your stabilizers in a whole new way.💪🏿 Don’t be surprised if you feel it a few days later! 😳 ___ Try these movements and tag me in your attempts. Share some new movements that you’re fans of as well! Get it, squad!👊🏿 ___ 🎧Easy-E - Boyz-N-The Hood ___ @sklz @on_running @reebokone