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Kelli Anderson

Bio Designer. Into: lo-fi stuff, handheld revelations / Likes: simple things that don't behave as expected - This Book is a ________ Planetarium, Camera,…


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1.) The School for Poetic Computation’s Spring 2018 Showcase is Saturday (4-9pm) and Sunday (1-6pm). You should come! RSVP info: @sfpc_nyc . . . 2.) In the past, people who have attended have enjoyed themselves. . . 3.) I made this on my scanner with printouts and rolling pins. (No actual math was harmed just proportions and increments.) . . Acronyms are not my thing.

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Exploratory icon drawing and logoing from 2013. ❤️

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Pop-up N for the @themovablebooksociety ‘s A to Z collection (out 8/2018!) . 1.) The two sides of the N are on sliders, which simultaneously move apart, pop up, and tug the crossbar taught when the book opens. . 2.) Final iteration built and hand-modeled by former intern @stefanpelikan (**hey NY, he’s graduating and needs a job**) . 3.) Secret neon . 4.) My letter’s cover art (graphically playing around with the tension/taughtness interaction exhibited by the pop-up.) . 5.) TAPer TAper… . . . .

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With Karen from @theperennialsf, I designed a PSA-style sexual harassment poster to help remind restaurant workers of their rights. It comes in fluorescent neon 80s *safety!* colors and mimics the once ubiquitous NYC city council ‘choking Victim’ poster. . We’re launching it at @cherrybombemag’s annual conference today. Get a free DIY download or buy a printed poster—link in profile. . . . Thx to @wendymac for putting us all in touch!

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Construction of the American Museum of Natural History’s original planetarium in 1934-35 (10/31, 11/7, 11/20, 3/11). This one predates the Hayden Planetarium, which was built in 2000. . . I digitized these glass plate negatives a decade ago when I worked in the Special Collections division of their library. (And then: forgot about them, re-stumbled upon them, wondered anew about the November to March construction gap, and realized—on this first legit warm day in 2018—that temperature must have been a factor in some antique mortaring/grouting/waterproofing process… perhaps?)

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totally normal A

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Strawberry Fanta soda sliding A . . (process, animation, and then: a detail)

image by Kelli Anderson (@kellianderson) with caption : "Maze A. Unused sketch (just because the oscilla-riso-thingy elbowed ahead as being the cooler one) .
#36daysoftype has" - 1750374499532314986
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Maze A. Unused sketch (just because the oscilla-riso-thingy elbowed ahead as being the cooler one) . . has moved on new letters but I’m going to stay here for a few days with A programming

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A test to determine how to evade instagram’s annoying video compression. This post was uploaded with an iPhone6 over an LTE connection. (Video specs are 1500x1500 pixels, 6 seconds long, exported using photoshop’s default h264 settings under the “export…” menu) . The previous post used an identical video, but was uploaded over a wifi connection. . During the peak am hours, this video had less compression than the identical video (that was uploaded over wifi). However, around 1pm, it flopped and this one (the LTE one) became the more lossy/compressed video. (!) . Let me know if you have any other beating-ig’s compression tricks. I’ll test your superstition and then will update this post.

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@36daysoftype asked me for an A to start off their new alphabet/season. . I couldn’t decide and just made a bunch. Will post the others in the coming days!

The Turn-o-Matic take a number wallpaper I made for Russ & Daughters at the Jewish Museum here… feeling very Spring fête. . . Happy Passover Seder and/or Happy Easter (or non-culturally-oriented sweets binging)! . . First photo by @sashaisrael

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Some subtle updates I made to @russanddaughters ‘s iconic “fish R” a few years ago. (Yes: a fish + an R… there is no overlap in any Venn diagram between those two things!). . On May 11th, Under Consideration has asked me and eleven other designers to overthink branding-minutia on stage. I’m going to talk about the perils of updating a century-old, beloved, never-changes institution (and show some of my initial bad, over-reaching ideas.) . . Link to event in profile