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Nikisha Riley

Bio Wilhelmina Models LA BK to LA Holistic Mom M.A. Edu 1/2 @Urbanbushbabes Living w/ ADHD/Anxiety Owner @FolieApothecary natural skin care👇🏽


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image by Nikisha Riley (@nikishariley) with caption : "On international women’s day I happen to be going through some major shit. I don’t have a beautiful picture to share & a" - 1730779329543857377
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On international women’s day I happen to be going through some major shit. I don’t have a beautiful picture to share & a caption that makes me sound amazing. I want to let all women & men know that I hold space for those of you who aren’t doing ok. Those who feel hopeless, lost, like they failed, feel heart broken, traumatized, abused, neglected, overlooked, rejected, struggling with illness or disorders. I hold space for you. . . . Please don’t believe for a second that someone’s life is better than yours or that they don’t go through hardships just because all you see is a very well curated Instagram feed. It’s not true! I realize part of my gift is to be vulnerable & not give a shit what people think. So here I am being vulnerable because I know someone out there needs more of this than some bullshit pep talk with a beautiful photo. It’s all getting so redundant & old for me. I hope it’s a trend that disappears as fast as it got popular. Because the truth is, social media isn’t the truth. People are only showing you what they want you to see. They aren’t showing you when they feel hopeless, defeated, broken, insecure, or when they are jealous & competing. They are showing you their best selves. I hope to be part of the movement that breaks that cycle. . . . I am hurting today. I know I’ll be better & stronger tomorrow. I have faith that whatever I’m hurting over now will just be a bad memory I can chalk up to a life lesson that made me stronger & even more loving & vulnerable. I hope you feel safe in this space to be authentically you in a world where curated feeds & perfect lives are idolized. You don’t have to be ok all the time to prove your a successful or positive human being. . . . Life comes with ups & downs. It’s how we choose to deal with the bad times that defines how we will live. It’s ok to not know, to feel fukked up, it’s ok to fail, to slide back into old bad habits, it’s ok to feel it all! Just don’t stay there. Whatever you do don’t be hard on yourself & forgive yourself. You have to believe better days are ahead. It’s the only way to manifest that shit! . . . This shit ain’t easy for some of us. But it can be done! Let’s do this together.

image by Nikisha Riley (@nikishariley) with caption : "And how brave are you for letting go of everything that’s no longer for you.
. 🧠 Our mind is so powerful that it can" - 1727987372354651366
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And how brave are you for letting go of everything that’s no longer for you. . . . 🧠 Our mind is so powerful that it can make us believe we need belongings, situations, & relationships. And out of this fear we hold on to them for dear life. Are these things getting in the way of your own personal growth or happiness? . . . 🔸Cultivate your intuition & awareness of your life as it is right now. Go inward by meditating & nurturing that deep knowingness. By going inward we find the aspects of our lives that are no longer serving us. The first step in letting go is acknowledging that which no longer serves you. You can also ask yourself that if you let go of this thing, situation, or relationship, & you knew for sure you were gonna be better off with no problems, would you let go? If the answer is yes, then you really want to do it. Most of us won’t let go out of fear. We create the worse possible outcomes & psych ourselves out. Then we end up settling & convincing ourselves that we made the right decision & end up living with regrets. . . 🔸Once you have acknowledged that it is time for you to let go, your mind might begin to flood your thoughts with reasons of why you shouldn’t. Nostalgia, possibility, opportunity. Remember to accept that you know letting go is the right thing for you to do. Our brains are so powerful that we have the scientific capability of constantly rewiring it. Our brains get wired to what becomes routine in our life. So even if the routine is unhealthy, toxic, or preventing us from growing, it starts to feel comfortable & even good for us. If we push past the fear & discomfort, we rewire our brains & eventually that discomfort or fear we feel disappears. Stay positive through meditating on positive thoughts & kicking out the negative ones throughout the day. There is nothing wrong with feeling sadness or fear. Feel it & then release it. Please don’t live in those feelings or you won’t evolve. . . . 🔸Maybe the hardest part of letting go is trusting that there is more to come. Patience is key in this part of life. Whenever we put in the work to let go of what’s not serving us, it makes room for something even more wonderful to happen. ✨

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I was out here trying to live my best life during my shoot with @express today, and this fakking Captain Spock toe had to make a debut. 😒 . . . Anywho, shout out to curvy girls, the girls with non-model bodies getting a chance to work with big brands, finally! I’m loving the diversity that’s happening. And it’s happening because we want it and are demanding it! ⛱💦 . . .

image by Nikisha Riley (@nikishariley) with caption : "Benefits of CBD Oil (it’s not the same as regular hemp oil):

It can be hard to distinguish between hemp oil, CBD " - 1725066883529243800
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Benefits of CBD Oil (it’s not the same as regular hemp oil): . . . It can be hard to distinguish between hemp oil, CBD hemp oil & the same product obtained from medical marijuana. In the end, they all refer to the same plant, right? . . . Yes & no. These products are obtained from the same source, but different parts of the marijuana plant are used for producing the oil, & this is why the final products have different characteristics & effects. CBD extracts are produced directly from cannabis flowers that are up to 15% CBD. . . . CBD oil is a supplement & excellent source of nutrients containing powerful antioxidants whose strength is greater than that of vitamin C & E, that can be safely consumed by kids & adults as part of their daily diet. Unlike “cannabis oil” (referred to as high THC oil), CBD hemp oil is legal, & is not psychoactive, meaning that it does not cause one to “get high”. Responsible for this “getting high” effect is THC, a compound that is naturally found in the cannabis plant, but is not included in CBD Hemp oils. . . . CBD stimulates the ECS. The human body contains its own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which houses various cannabinoid receptors. The chemical compounds that interact with the ECS support memory, mood, brain reward systems, & energy balance. The ECS system has also been found to be beneficial in combating depression, anxiety, & increasing appetite. CBD naturally acts on the ECS system’s signals to increase receptor function & flow, with no psychoactive reactions in the body. The effects of CBD oil is felt within minutes of taking it, for instance if you’re taking it for anxiety. . . . CBD oil can prevent or treat various conditions: 🔸Combats anxiety & depression disorders 🔸Autism 🔸Arthritis 🔸Diabetes 🔸Gastrointestinal disorders 🔸epilepsy 🔸Bipolar & PTSD 🔸Multiple sclerosis 🔸Parkinson's disease 🔸Blood sugar 🔸Blood pressure 🔸Schizophrenia 🔸Fibromyalgia 🔸Cancer 🔸Promote bone growth 🔸Reduce inflammation 🔸Relieve pain 🔸Protects nervous system 🔸Nausea & vomiting . . . The brand I’m holding is @charlottesweb_california . It does a great job at easing any bouts of anxiety I may get & helps my insomnia. It’s taken orally.

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Brooklyn Kish: Music is an everyday thing for me and I listen to all types, so of course it’s important for me to listen to it before and during my workout. It gets me motivated when I’m not in the mood to workout. . . . Music is a form of meditation so it can have a very positive impact on your daily life. Listen to music that gets you hype and puts you in crush it mode when you’re working out. I promise you it works! You can check out my Spotify playlist “Get It” if you’d like to hear what I’m listening to now during my workouts. I think my Spotify name is Nikisha Riley. 😂 . . .