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Trip Service Dog

Bio Psychiatric/Mobility Tasks SDiT: Trip- Border Collie- 11 months | Ariel- Handler- Junior College Student •Advice for us? Questions? All ears!

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image by Trip Service Dog (@trip_the_service_dog) with caption : "When you fart really loud in public and you have to make sure everyone knows who your handler is.
Any other captions? " - 1737869522700170749
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When you fart really loud in public and you have to make sure everyone knows who your handler is. 😂 Any other captions? Let me hear them! 🤣 . {Picture of Trip at the end of a yawn captured in a way so that it looks like a cheeky grin or mischievous laugh} (11 months old) . Follow our friend @cayenne.the.service.pup ! . . .

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“Hi, Mom, just checking on you because I noticed that you weren’t feeling well 💕” I was doing homework and next thing I know I’m laid back and the little wiggle baby did this weird stance to get to me out of a space-out. Today was a big struggle. Had an absurd amount of heart issues and my skin was killing me. Both combined made me super weak in one of my classes and I struggled to use a pencil and hold my head up. My body was just kinda telling me that it wasn’t going to work today. The physical stress made my mind continuously “check-out” for a little while to avoid the situation which is frustrating when you’re trying to get work done. {Picture of Trip standing on ground with his back legs, twisted upper body onto the bed, and chest and paws in my lap. He licks my hand in the second picture and rests his head on my leg in the third.} (11 months old) . Follow our friend @cayenne.the.service.pup ! . . .

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Trip has been doing so beautifully in PA training. He used to get really anxious super fast in public so the majority had been short sessions. Something just clicked recently and he has been doing phenomenal even with a 2 hour outing a few days ago. These are snippets of us in my school art gallery. You can’t see them in the video but there are a lot of art pieces on the floor to the left and Trip just loved looking at all the work with me. I accidentally forgot to move his leash to his harness and so his tags kept bumping him. 😅 I noticed right after the stairs when they started hitting him in the face 😭 I felt so bad! I fixed the leash right after and clipped his tags to his harness so no more beating up his face. . Don’t mind the pants 😂 I got dressed up in several layers to play in the cold afterward! {Video of Trip walking alongside me and very deliberately looking at art pieces. Pictures of Trip looking at art pieces. Video of Trip walking beside me down the stairs} (11 months old) . Follow our friend @cayenne.the.service.pup ! . . .

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This video was a surprise practice for Trip and the first time I have ever asked him to do this from a distance. Lots of hiccups but we will perfect it with time ☺️ I know it! . WARNING: STRESSFUL EMERGENCY SITUATION WITH MENTION OF SUICIDE I’m going to be real and raw with you guys. I’ve been pretty sick most of this break. There has been some lulls in the pain but I had one of the scariest episodes I’ve had yet from a personal perspective. Along with the severe stomach pain my heart started hurting and it was all I could focus on. My mom was rushing me to the ER and was crying and I was so sorry, so upset that I was causing her this worry. As I was losing consciousness, I remember thinking that I was going to die. I remember glimpses where I’d become aware by touch or tunnel vision for moments before losing focus again: a wheelchair, arms grabbing me and lifting me, somehow my clothes being removed, so many hands touching me, knuckles in my chest, wires being connected to me, the dull prick of distant needles, words saying everything is normal, lights in my eyes, accusations that I was on “street-drugs”... and then the pain slowly dulled and I was myself again, nurses didn’t recognize me conscious with my clothes on. The doctor came back in and said all my blood work and tests came back normal, no apologies for dismissing me as being on street drugs even though I’ve never touched them, but an apology for not knowing what’s wrong with me. And that’s the most frustrating thing to hear; he acknowledged that. When you are constantly told nothing is wrong and it’s so obvious that there is. When you’ve contemplated killing yourself purely to escape the physical pain despite being a generally happy person now. To come so far in your mental health journey only to have your body start failing you and scaring your family. To have professors not allow you to make up a quiz because your boyfriend had to carry your unconscious body into the hospital during it. To have told the doctor that you’ve seen for the last 3 years how much you’re suffering, the one that said “just do yoga and drink water”, the one who denied you access to testing- (continued in comments section)